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At NFA Technologies, we develop various technologies to make alternative fuels more viable for the consumer- from processes, to testing, to high-tech tools that ease their use.

NFA Technologies has done research and development in many areas of alternative energy vehicles. They currently provide several services and product offerings, and are expanding in these areas.

Electric/solar powered/hybrid vehicles

  • Solar cell power conversion/conditioning units
  • Controller/regulation technology
  • Battery pack monitoring/analysis devices
  • Consultation
  • Conversions
  • Service, repair, and regular maintenance of electric vehicles

Biodiesel/Straight Vegetable Oil powered vehicles
  • Fuel filtering processes
  • Fuel system management and monitoring systems
  • Consultation
  • Conversions

Solar Power
  • Charging circuitry
  • Power conversion
  • Tracking systems
  • Battery management/monitoring/analysis devices
  • Consultation

  • Biodiesel furnace conversions
  • Solar panel water heat
  • Temperature and electricity monitoring
   Batteries in the electric car

the construction of a solar panel for our house

The Veggie Car
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