We're the smart kid next door, who grew up and went to college. We're the one who fixed your TV when you threw it out on the porch. We're always working on some car in our garage- sometimes just fixing it, and sometimes improving it. We wrote the shareware program you downloaded this morning, or the drivers for that obscure PC peripheral. We are a down-to-earth group of engineers that feel the world can be a better place than it is today. We are answering a calling to provide practical, technological alternatives to improve traditional approaches.

The world is a changing place, and it's a great time to be alive. While it's important not to reinvent the wheel, to be on the cutting edge of technology you have to be willing to break the mold. Thinking outside the box is a special talent of NFA Technologies- and that kind of flexibility isn't available from just any engineering/consulting company. With plenty of project management experience, we know how to strike this careful balance and deliver practical, reliable, and advanced solutions- cost effectively.

Combined, the engineers at NFA Technologies have a broad, yet strong background, education and experience level. Their skills encompass all aspects of software, mechanical, electrical/electronics, and automotive engineering. NFA Technologies delivers advanced technological solutions to the problems of today and tomorrow, and now we're ready to deliver them to you.

The Solar Car
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